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Introducing Ophora, First project in Blacktown City Council to offer 10-Year Latent Defect Insurance (LDI) 

DISPLAY SUITE NOW OPEN by appointment.

Display suite now open by appointment


Nestled in the heart of Tallawong within The Hills, Ophora presents a fusion of nature’s touch and modern sophistication across its 81 distinguished apartments.

Discover Ophora, a meticulously crafted five-storey sanctuary set against the picturesque backdrop of Tallawong under construction now with completion late 2024. Home to 81 distinct apartments, and the first project in Blacktown City Council to offer 10-year Latent Defects Insurance (LDI), Ophora elevates the definition of living spaces, presenting a unique lifestyle experience. Here, residents are greeted with a blend of modern amenities and smart home features that streamline daily life. Positioned in an area abundant with family-oriented amenities, Ophora stands as an ideal destination in a rapidly emerging suburb. Dive into an unparalleled living experience where the tranquillity of the surroundings seamlessly combines with innovative comforts, creating a vibrant community setting.